Hi there, you’re wondering what I’m going on about today right?

Well a while ago the title for my devotional was “If the Bible were our mobile phone“. I’ve been thinking about it and decided to share some of my thoughts with you.

The devotional went like this:

“How different would our life be, if we treated the Bible like our mobile phone?

Suppose we always carried our Bible about with us in our pocket or handbag.

Imagine we had forgotten our Bible somewhere and immediately went back to look for it.

What if we looked at our Bible again and again every day?

Or if we used our Bible regularly to see what messages God had for us?

Imagine if we treated our Bible as if we could not live without it.

Do we make as much use of our Bible as of our mobile phone when on holiday?

Suppose we consulted our Bible whenever we are in trouble.

Or set aside as much time to read our Bible as we do to read and write SMS messages or make telephone calls.

Would we put aside as much every month for the propagation of the gospel as we do to pay our phone bill?

The lives of most of us would change considerably. Is it not worth reading the Word of God regularly? Let us be encouraged to take our Bible to hand every day and read it prayerfully. God certainly has a daily message for us in it.”

You might be like me and have several Bibles scattered all over the place; on your bedside drawer, in the living room, in the car, on your desk at work, come to think of it even on all your mobile phones.

If you are like me, you might be tempted to think this message doesn’t apply to you, but we have to take a closer look before jumping to conclusions.

I think the writer’s point is not so much proximity as it is priority.

When I forget my phone at home in my hurry to get to work on time, I rush back to get it not because I have to have it around me, but because I need to use it. Because I have attached a certain degree of importance to it.

I believe I’ll miss out on a lot and very important things are likely to pass me by if I’m not able to take my calls. Possible emergency situations can be averted if I have my phone with me and I can reach people and vice versa. I’m even willing to go late to work *gasp* just so I don’t miss out on the opportunity to be accessible and to have access. This list goes on (add your own).

Take a look at the examples I just gave of things I’d miss out on if I were to leave my phone at home. Studying God’s word and spending time in His presence do all that for us and much more, and we need access to Him more than to any other.

Let’s make fellowship with Him priority today folks.


Many thanks to the Publishers of “The Good Seed” for “If the Bible were our mobile phone.