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I’ve seen death’s cold gaze fall on people around me more times than I would like to remember in my few years on this orb circling the sun. Each time it seems to leave us a bit colder…darker.

No matter how many times you read the words or hear them spoken though, I doubt anyone ever masters loss.

This time was different…it felt colder…darker than it ever has for me at times like this.

Was it because I felt so much hope in your words as we chatted about the months ahead of you and the journeys…the one you started with Charles not so long ago and the one you would start together once your baby was born.

Or was it because it felt unfair that you survived, made it this far…and we imagined years from now talking about yesterday and all that had gone before.

I can go on. I can talk about what would have been, about your dreams and how far you came, but I won’t. I will not go on because no matter how much I say here, it will do no justice to who you were and what you represented.

Many people would have seen you go on and never known the depth of your story. You lived, you loved, you were bruised but you forgave, you moved on, you fell yes…but you got up again, turned your face towards the sun and drew strength to carry on.

The road you travelled was rough, your story was short, but it was filled with love, it was beautiful and it will not end here. We will remember your big heart and your wide gracious smile. We will remember you in the life of your daughter. Poems will be written, songs will be sung. You were precious to us and we will remember.

Above all, we know that you have not left us for ever. You have only gone ahead of us to the place that has been promised because we believe.

This is our consolation, this is our hope. Until then we will wipe our tears and turn our face towards the sun. We will let its warmth take the edge off the cold. We will draw strength and carry on.

Asabe Raliat Nankat AdulugbaFB_IMG_1496961388386…we love you and we will never forget


She was born into the Tapgun family from Plateau State in Northern Nigeria and married into the royal house of Igbira Kingdom and she was an amazon by any standards.

I know so much about her even though I only met her occasionally in the few years that I knew her before she went to be with the Lord after a long battle with breast cancer.

Her son was one of my closest friends. My roomie, partner in crime and confidant. Baba loved his mum to bits and when I got to meet her I realised that while he seemed to have got his big heart and gentle manner from his dad, his mum was fearless and could face anybody and anything life could throw at her head on.

Baba had his own battles with sickle cell before he also went to be with the Lord in 2005. When we met he was just a wee lad, and I remember another friend wondering out loud who had brought their kid brother to come and roast under this hot Gwagwalada sun.

He was frail and very short but he soon outgrew all of us. Skinny as he was though, the edge of his tongue was the thing of legend. People soon knew better than to rub him the wrong way. Seeing him struggle for the ball when we played soccer was another wonder. Some of us must have outweighed him 4 or 5 times but he would body check you without fear.

Rising to the rank of Assistant Superintendent of Police, she lived out her life to the fullest and raised 3 beautiful kids who reflected her strength and heart.

Baba is gone and so is his mum but she lives on in her daughter Asabe who is every bit as strong as the amazon who raised her.

We remember you today Ma. We honour the life that you lived and the fight you fought. This fight will continue until the day losing loved ones to cancer will be a distant memory.


Hello Beautiful People,

I am Kyuriyus Kay and I’ve got few things on mind. Over the next few weeks I’d like to share some of those things with you if you don’t mind giving me some of your time.

For those of you who read/followed my blog a long time ago, welcome back.

For those of you who are visiting for the first time, hello again, and welcome to my little  corner.

So I’ll just jump right in.

I used to be a chubby clean shaven guy in a suit. Well almost clean shaven, with just a hint of a goatee. I lost the suit chasing dreams from long ago. But that’s not what today’s post is about.

Today’s post is about a movement for a good cause.

Sometime in 2009, members of the Chicagoland Hill family started an awareness campaign after losing their father to colon cancer in 2007. The whole idea was to raise funding for cancer research and create more awareness about cancer than there already was.

The No-Shave November campaign (as it is now called) had  already around been but these guys took it to another level. This particular campaign encourages men and women to refrain from shaving heads, faces and legs throughout the month of November and donating what would have been spent on grooming towards cancer research. It also encourages folks to spread the word, something you say somewhere could change someone’s life.

One thing about cancer is that early detection can make all the difference. You can see some research on that here and here.

My aim in all this is to do my bit towards cancer awareness, throwing some light on the work these good people are doing, and celebrating and honouring those we have lost to cancer.

Over the next couple of days I’m going to be talking about some of the people in my own life who have passed away after battling with cancer. Please stop by. Let’s remember these brave souls, and support those who still fight the good fight. Have you lost anyone to cancer. Please take some time out to remember them.

I should mention here that No-Shave November are not alone in flying this flag. I also found a group called Movember, which focuses on cancers in men, but has pretty much the same objective.

Do you know any other groups that have been doing similar work around cancer awareness? Drop a comment below, tell us about the work they’re doing.

Finally, I will leave you with a picture of my own attempt at a shave-less November  as I get ready to lose it all again. Did you grow your beard out this November as well? Or leave your legs unattended? Let’s see those beards and staches people.


Hi there, you’re wondering what I’m going on about today right?

Well a while ago the title for my devotional was “If the Bible were our mobile phone“. I’ve been thinking about it and decided to share some of my thoughts with you.

The devotional went like this:

“How different would our life be, if we treated the Bible like our mobile phone?

Suppose we always carried our Bible about with us in our pocket or handbag.

Imagine we had forgotten our Bible somewhere and immediately went back to look for it.

What if we looked at our Bible again and again every day?

Or if we used our Bible regularly to see what messages God had for us?

Imagine if we treated our Bible as if we could not live without it.

Do we make as much use of our Bible as of our mobile phone when on holiday?

Suppose we consulted our Bible whenever we are in trouble.

Or set aside as much time to read our Bible as we do to read and write SMS messages or make telephone calls.

Would we put aside as much every month for the propagation of the gospel as we do to pay our phone bill?

The lives of most of us would change considerably. Is it not worth reading the Word of God regularly? Let us be encouraged to take our Bible to hand every day and read it prayerfully. God certainly has a daily message for us in it.”

You might be like me and have several Bibles scattered all over the place; on your bedside drawer, in the living room, in the car, on your desk at work, come to think of it even on all your mobile phones.

If you are like me, you might be tempted to think this message doesn’t apply to you, but we have to take a closer look before jumping to conclusions.

I think the writer’s point is not so much proximity as it is priority.

When I forget my phone at home in my hurry to get to work on time, I rush back to get it not because I have to have it around me, but because I need to use it. Because I have attached a certain degree of importance to it.

I believe I’ll miss out on a lot and very important things are likely to pass me by if I’m not able to take my calls. Possible emergency situations can be averted if I have my phone with me and I can reach people and vice versa. I’m even willing to go late to work *gasp* just so I don’t miss out on the opportunity to be accessible and to have access. This list goes on (add your own).

Take a look at the examples I just gave of things I’d miss out on if I were to leave my phone at home. Studying God’s word and spending time in His presence do all that for us and much more, and we need access to Him more than to any other.

Let’s make fellowship with Him priority today folks.


Many thanks to the Publishers of “The Good Seed” for “If the Bible were our mobile phone.

Hey there, how have you been? Great? Well that’s good to hear.

Came across this today, I’ve had it lying around on my desk for ages but hadn’t seen it in a while. Don’t know who the author is but its a little something my boss handed out sometime ago.

Hope it gives you something to think about. It does that to me. Enjoy.


Just for today…

Next time you’re off to work, dreading the day ahead, stop yourself. Decide, just for one day, to think in a totally new way. Try these affirmations, they might just change the way you feel about what you do.

Just for today, I will be as friendly as possible to the people I work with. I am going to treat them as if they were responsible for me keeping my job and be grateful that they are there.

Just for today, I won’t assume my job is to be chief critic. I will try to see the good side of every situation and will look for something to praise in every person who works with me.

Just for today, if I correct someone, I will do it with as much good humour and self-restraint as if I were the one being corrected.

Just for today, I am not going to insist that everything I do be perfect. I am not going to try to break any speed records. I will do what’s in front of me with competence, not painful compulsion.

Just for today, I will assume that i have adequate ability for my tasks. I will not endlessly question whether I really deserve my title and pay.

Just for today, I will be grateful I live in a society and time in which I don’t have to do back breaking work in horrible circumstances

Just for today, I will not have any expectations about how I should be treated. I will not compare my salary or status with anyone else. I will just be glad that I am who I am.

Just for today, I will not worry about “what’s in it for me”.  I will think only about what I can do to help out in every situation.

Just for today, when I leave work, I will not dwell on how much I did or did not get done. Instead, I will look forward to the evening and be grateful for whatever I accomplished.

These thoughts are not complex. Their merit is that they can make your days more productive and happier. Above all, they save wear and tear on your most valuable asset- your peace of mind.


Today is the 1st of July.2014. It’s an important day for many people and for lots of reasons.

Many in Nigeria will remember today as the day that our Central Bank’s Cashless Policy kicks off nationwide after a test run in a couple of states. Will it be a runaway success or will it crash and burn ‘cos we’re not ready. Only time will tell.

The World Cup is going on right now. Nigeria got kicked out of the round of 16 by France yesterday. Today the Argentina plays Switzerland and the Belgians play USA. People from those countries will probably remember today as well.

I’ll remember today for a different reason.

One year, six months ago, my precious little angel was born. She turned 18 months today.

I know everybody feels their kid is special but folks this is my blog, my rules, so y’all are gonna have to sit pretty and listen to me talk about mine.

As she cruises past another milestone, I thought I’d just remind myself about one of the reasons she’s so special. This time last year, I had the privilege of being featured on, a community blog I happened to stumble upon on Twitter. On the3six5ng everybody picked a day to put up their post. Yes, you guessed right, I picked 1st July.

The link to that post is here, I hope you can find the time, if you can I hope it inspires something in you, if it does, say something.

Thank you for stopping by today.

Kyuriyusly yours,



Did I hear you ask where have I been? Well…at the risk of sounding like a broken record, I have been busy. But then I hear you say who hasn’t? You are as busy as I am (or more) and still have the time to stop by and read the balderdash I put up here. To that I will say I owe everyone who has stopped by here in the past an apology. I am finally back after a long hiatus and intend to be here as often as I can with something for everyone will take the time to look.

Read this article from Ofilispeaks (one of my favourite bloggers) today and looking forward to making the most of my time from now on. Sitting in one Ministry in Abuja now, waiting to see one Oga at the top while I write this (see, using this time wisely). Sorry. That was me just thinking out loud

So if you have forgiven me for having deserted you for so long (and I earnestly hope that you have) then I look forward to seeing your traffic in and out of this place in time to come.

See y’all around.

Kyuriyusly yours,


Okay folks, I know I’m new at this blogging thing, so I don’t know if it’s too early to be re-blogging stuff other people wrote, but I feel this one is important so please bear with me. Thanks.

Learning to breathe

Our first Nehemiah Project Prayermob meet-up is Saturday this week and I am excited to say the least. When I finally worked up the courage to tell y’all about it, I honestly didn’t think that it would “blow”. I just wanted to make sure I obeyed that one thing He was calling me to do. Not all of us will be missionaries in the North, Uganda or even the Amazon jungle but all of us are called to radical living right where we are. So, right now for me, “radical” looks like praying for my country on the 15th of every month and getting as many people as I can in on it. I can’t tell you that about a million people followed us on Twitter or that NPPM has 2 million likes on Facebook. I’m not even here to talk about stats because they aren’t impressive by any…

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 Don Vito

Some of us called him “Don Vito”, most of us just called him “Baba”.

His name was Ibrahim Baba Atta and we would spend many dark,  mosquito laden evenings sitting on his lower bunk in the off-campus room we shared in Gwagwalada dreaming about starting out company together.

We would call it “HOMEGROWN LTD” and it would be a marketing outfit targeted at promoting made-in-Nigeria goods worthy of showing off to the world. It would be our own little contribution to making our land the kind of place our children would be proud of.

Wyclef Jean would be singing “Homegrown” on our rechargeable lantern with a cassette player (‘cos there was never any power) and we’d sing along and plot and plan…

Then tragedy struck. On 7th Novermber, 2006, 3 days after his birthday, Baba’s body gave in to the crises that sickle cell often visited him with. It was a loss we could not understand and we still miss you man.

Fast forward to Sunday, 9th June, 2013. I turned to the back page of Thisday Newspaper and SIMON KOLAWOLE LIVE! caught my eye. He called his article “Made in Nigeria, Enjoyed Worldwide” and opened with his secret fantasy of flying into Europe someday and seeing Oando gas stations along the road, Dangote spaghetti at the supermarkets, Glo SIM cards at the corner shops and Ezekiel Izuogu’s Z-600 car on the motorway(you can read the whole article here

He really got me thinking. Have I done anything to come any closer to seeing this particular dream Baba and I shared come true? Well I did have an availability search conducted at the Corporate Affairs Commission for the name Homegrown Limited, of course it was unavailable. It will never be easy chasing down your dream, that has been my personal experience.

All that dreaming seems so far in the past now. I have since then succumbed to the cares of this world, basically consisting for me of my 8 to 6 job (why do we always say 9 to 5, talk true how many of you actually do 9-5 in Nija? Copy copy), and praying I get home early enough to catch my daughter before she goes to bed and spend some quality time with the Mrs.

Truth be told there are new dreams now, other things that look and feel more relevant, more real. But I can’t help but wonder where we would be if Baba was still here and we did all the things we wanted to do with our lives.

Well, our people say where there is life there is hope. Let us see what the future holds. Maybe I’ll come gist you guys about some company with some fancy name that I’m involved in, or some initiative that I’m promoting.

Only time will tell…