She was born into the Tapgun family from Plateau State in Northern Nigeria and married into the royal house of Igbira Kingdom and she was an amazon by any standards.

I know so much about her even though I only met her occasionally in the few years that I knew her before she went to be with the Lord after a long battle with breast cancer.

Her son was one of my closest friends. My roomie, partner in crime and confidant. Baba loved his mum to bits and when I got to meet her I realised that while he seemed to have got his big heart and gentle manner from his dad, his mum was fearless and could face anybody and anything life could throw at her head on.

Baba had his own battles with sickle cell before he also went to be with the Lord in 2005. When we met he was just a wee lad, and I remember another friend wondering out loud who had brought their kid brother to come and roast under this hot Gwagwalada sun.

He was frail and very short but he soon outgrew all of us. Skinny as he was though, the edge of his tongue was the thing of legend. People soon knew better than to rub him the wrong way. Seeing him struggle for the ball when we played soccer was another wonder. Some of us must have outweighed him 4 or 5 times but he would body check you without fear.

Rising to the rank of Assistant Superintendent of Police, she lived out her life to the fullest and raised 3 beautiful kids who reflected her strength and heart.

Baba is gone and so is his mum but she lives on in her daughter Asabe who is every bit as strong as the amazon who raised her.

We remember you today Ma. We honour the life that you lived and the fight you fought. This fight will continue until the day losing loved ones to cancer will be a distant memory.