Hey there, how have you been? Great? Well that’s good to hear.

Came across this today, I’ve had it lying around on my desk for ages but hadn’t seen it in a while. Don’t know who the author is but its a little something my boss handed out sometime ago.

Hope it gives you something to think about. It does that to me. Enjoy.


Just for today…

Next time you’re off to work, dreading the day ahead, stop yourself. Decide, just for one day, to think in a totally new way. Try these affirmations, they might just change the way you feel about what you do.

Just for today, I will be as friendly as possible to the people I work with. I am going to treat them as if they were responsible for me keeping my job and be grateful that they are there.

Just for today, I won’t assume my job is to be chief critic. I will try to see the good side of every situation and will look for something to praise in every person who works with me.

Just for today, if I correct someone, I will do it with as much good humour and self-restraint as if I were the one being corrected.

Just for today, I am not going to insist that everything I do be perfect. I am not going to try to break any speed records. I will do what’s in front of me with competence, not painful compulsion.

Just for today, I will assume that i have adequate ability for my tasks. I will not endlessly question whether I really deserve my title and pay.

Just for today, I will be grateful I live in a society and time in which I don’t have to do back breaking work in horrible circumstances

Just for today, I will not have any expectations about how I should be treated. I will not compare my salary or status with anyone else. I will just be glad that I am who I am.

Just for today, I will not worry about “what’s in it for me”.  I will think only about what I can do to help out in every situation.

Just for today, when I leave work, I will not dwell on how much I did or did not get done. Instead, I will look forward to the evening and be grateful for whatever I accomplished.

These thoughts are not complex. Their merit is that they can make your days more productive and happier. Above all, they save wear and tear on your most valuable asset- your peace of mind.