Today is the 1st of July.2014. It’s an important day for many people and for lots of reasons.

Many in Nigeria will remember today as the day that our Central Bank’s Cashless Policy kicks off nationwide after a test run in a couple of states. Will it be a runaway success or will it crash and burn ‘cos we’re not ready. Only time will tell.

The World Cup is going on right now. Nigeria got kicked out of the round of 16 by France yesterday. Today the Argentina plays Switzerland and the Belgians play USA. People from those countries will probably remember today as well.

I’ll remember today for a different reason.

One year, six months ago, my precious little angel was born. She turned 18 months today.

I know everybody feels their kid is special but folks this is my blog, my rules, so y’all are gonna have to sit pretty and listen to me talk about mine.

As she cruises past another milestone, I thought I’d just remind myself about one of the reasons she’s so special. This time last year, I had the privilege of being featured on, a community blog I happened to stumble upon on Twitter. On the3six5ng everybody picked a day to put up their post. Yes, you guessed right, I picked 1st July.

The link to that post is here, I hope you can find the time, if you can I hope it inspires something in you, if it does, say something.

Thank you for stopping by today.

Kyuriyusly yours,