Did I hear you ask where have I been? Well…at the risk of sounding like a broken record, I have been busy. But then I hear you say who hasn’t? You are as busy as I am (or more) and still have the time to stop by and read the balderdash I put up here. To that I will say I owe everyone who has stopped by here in the past an apology. I am finally back after a long hiatus and intend to be here as often as I can with something for everyone will take the time to look.

Read this article from Ofilispeaks (one of my favourite bloggers) today and looking forward to making the most of my time from now on. Sitting in one Ministry in Abuja now, waiting to see one Oga at the top while I write this (see, using this time wisely). Sorry. That was me just thinking out loud

So if you have forgiven me for having deserted you for so long (and I earnestly hope that you have) then I look forward to seeing your traffic in and out of this place in time to come.

See y’all around.

Kyuriyusly yours,